Ace Cycle Car

Found at the Isle of Vashon TT.

Built by Pete Larson of Liberty Motors, Seattle, WA.

These Ace Cycle Cars were born from an unsuccessful effort to import a European three wheeler.  Being a fabricator, as well as a restorer and builder of sidecars, Pete and his wife Patty set about building their own, which appears to be influenced by the Morgans of old.

Using a Harley V-Twin motor mounted up front, these are available for sale.  I believe I heard something around $40k come out of the builder’s mouth for a start price, with most of the finishes being customizable.

  • Tig welded frame
  • Single sided swingarm
  • 3 Wheel disc brakes
  • 10 gal. Fuel tank
  • 120mph Top Speed
  • Curb weight 950lbs

About thelowside

A group of riders not concerned with plastic fairings or fuel injection. Vintage iron and a few pints are all we need.
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