Came across these while in Death Valley a couple weeks ago.  The Karma, from Fisker Automotive.  They’re on the verge of production.  The Karma is equipped with an electric drive train that is supplemented with a gasoline generator.  One can drive 50 miles without using a drop of gas, and with the additional help of the generator, the range is extended to approximately 250 miles.   The Fisker people were range testing on this day.

The Fisker Karma

The silver objects on either side of the bumper house speakers to keep oblivious pedestrians aware.

Solar cells built into the roofs power the 12v electrics. That kid is impressed.

There were five of them. Think they'd notice if one was missing?


About thelowside

A group of riders not concerned with plastic fairings or fuel injection. Vintage iron and a few pints are all we need.
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