Rocker Rides: Al’s Z1000

Al’s always been a fan of bigger bikes.  He’s said many times, “No replacement for displacement.”  Well, he proves it here with his Z1000 police special.  Al can fill in the blanks….

Al's Z1

“Front Suspension is off of a 1995 Suzuki RF900R, dual Nilsin disc brakes, ZR1 Dunlop Qualifier, polished forks, black Suzuki rims 16″ with Kawasaki Mean Green pin striping”

Clean and low lines distinguish the bike.

“Rear suspension is a Suzuki RF900R swing arm, EK 630 Chain, 160, ZR 17 fatty, rear sets are off of a 2005 Suzuki GXR 600.  rear shock from Benji’s Cafe Racers.”

Wanna race?

For more pictures and information on the build, as well as Al himself, visit his blog.

Excellent photography by Mike McCall of McCall Media.


About thelowside

A group of riders not concerned with plastic fairings or fuel injection. Vintage iron and a few pints are all we need.
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