Graeter Art Gallery: Building Speed


Photo by James Newman

Anthony’s photography is being featured at the Building Speed exhibit in Portland’s Graeter Art Gallery. Last night was the opening. A few of us headed down to show our support.

Anthony is going to send us high res shots of his work to show off, and we’ll be doing a feature on the CB500 just finished by his shop, Bridge City Cycles, which is also on display at the gallery.

If you’re in the Portland area, check it out.  The exhibit runs through July and into early August.






About thelowside

A group of riders not concerned with plastic fairings or fuel injection. Vintage iron and a few pints are all we need.
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2 Responses to Graeter Art Gallery: Building Speed

  1. Thanks for support and for posting @ Building Speed!

  2. thelowside says:

    It’s a great exhibit. Thanks for bringing another oustanding event to the area.

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