And Now for Something Completely Different…

I haven’t been around motos much the last few days, as I’m on vacation with my family on a lake cabin only accessible by boat, and I promised I’d leave my laptop at home (which has enough moto pron to keep this site going indefinitely). I was, however, pleasantly surprised to learn on our drive out that my wife’s father would be bringing his newly restored Mahogany boat to the cabin. Don, my father-in-law, is a jack of all trades; a carpenter, hot rod builder, fabricator, etc., and he’s just finished his first antique wooden boat.


This wonderfully restored 1966 Century Resorter was rebuilt from the ground up in under a year. Don performed the entire job himself from start to finish – no easy task, especially for a first timer.


The craft is 19′ 6″ in length and is powered by a LT1 Chevy 350. The sound of the small block under load is a piece of Heaven on Earth.


A bottle of wine and a sunset equals the perfect evening for two in this space…


I’m still working out the details of the boat’s early days, but it came to be in Emily’s family about 25 years ago when they pulled it off the bottom of Lake Couer D’Alene. A skin-diving friend had found it a few weeks before and told them of its location. Don’s father restored it over the next few years and the family got nearly 20 years out of it before it once again needed going over. Don’t father is gone now but he would no doubt be proud of his son’s work…


Don is also the man who taught me how to do body work and helped me do the body and paint on my old GS.

Be sure to click the link below to see/hear this beast under power.



About thelowside

A group of riders not concerned with plastic fairings or fuel injection. Vintage iron and a few pints are all we need.
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