This is the photo and video journal of an unnamed group of friends and their antiquated, archaic motorcycles.
Wrench, ride, repeat.  En masse.


3 Responses to About

  1. Rob Blotske says:

    Hi, moving to the Portland area and of course bringing my Cafe with me… Looking maybe for a group of rides to ride with! Coming from Colorado and wanting to rejet prior to arrival, anyone have thoughts on Mains and Pilots for a 79kz 650???


    • thelowside says:

      I haven’t jetted a KZ650 before, but I know a person would need to know a bit more about the bike. Is it stock and simply upjetted because of your elevation? Are you running pod filters/velocity stacks/foam filters/stock airbox? Stock exhaust or a 4 – 1? That sort of thing. We have a couple guys that ride KZ650s, and a couple with projects in the works. You should join the Facebook group so more people could be involved in the conversation. Look up “Rockers NW” or click the link on the right of our homepage and you’ll get a leg in the door for some group rides and events.

  2. Rob says:

    Hey thank you for the reply, will join the FB page el-pronto… Running pods, drilled out the factory pipes with several holes though did not remove baffle, 4-2 pipes. Is jetted for my elevation, pretty sure will need different mains at least! I am running 97.5’s…

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